Venezuelans Come Out for Day Against Imperialism

telesur | 09 March, 2017

The Day Against Imperialism has been observed since 2015.

The Day Against Imperialism has been observed since 2015. | Photo: VTV

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said that Latin America had raised its voice against interventionism, in a speech celebrating the country’s Day Against Imperialism.

“Today is Day Against Imperialism, day of courage, of dignity, for a people who chose to be free and have demonstrated over the past years that they are made out of the indestructible strength of our Liberators,” said Maduro to the Venezuelans gathered at the outdoor rally.

The ceremony was meant to reject the imperialist policy of the U.S., which issued an executive order in March 2015, during former President Barack Obama’s administration declaring Venezuela “a security threat” because of alleged human rights violations and widespread corruption, extending economic sanctions against the country.

Obama also ordered sanctions against seven Venezuelan officials, banning them from traveling to the United States and freezing any and all assets and properties belonging to them.

The decree was renewed one year later, as Obama claimed that alleged conditions that first prompted the order had “not improved.”

All 33 members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States expressed their opposition to the U.S. government’s move and called for its reversal. The Union of South American Nations also strongly criticized Obama’s order.


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