Over 9,000 people sign petition to expel Soros from US

A Journal of People report

Over 9,000 people signed an online petition asking US president Donald Trump to expel US-Hungarian billionaire George Soros from the US, and ban him and members of his family from influencing US politicians.
Billionaire Soros has long been known for sponsoring “color revolutions” in countries across the world. Soros is the founder of the philanthropic organization Open Society Foundations. The organization “supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries.” It is a network of more than 100 foundations, and has offices in many countries including one in Afghanistan. It is no secret that Soros’ Open Society Foundation and its numerous affiliates were involved in numerous “color revolutions” and disturbances in the post-Soviet space, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. It is claimed that in Serbia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, the method has been tested. Many find a similar pattern now taking shape in the US. Opponents of Soros accuse him of interfering in countries and inciting political troubles there.Pianist and songwriter Vanessa Feltner, author of an anti-Soros petition, underscored that it’s time to stop Soros and “drain the swamp”.
The petition, drawn up by Feltner says:
“President Trump, We the people are asking you to ban George Soros from our country. We ask you to ban both George Soros and all his family members from doing any and all business in our country from contributing to politicians or their foundations in order to influence and manipulate our corrupt politicians.”
Authors of the petition also asked Trump to make it a crime to do business with Soros and his family members as well as to accept money from him.
“We are asking you to issue a warrant for his arrest for hiring people for willful intent to riot and protest injuring our people and damaging our properties … As George Soros has made it clear that he is working to destroy our country, restrictions must be put in place immediately against all the Soros family in America to keep them from further treason against our country,” said the petition.
In the petition on Change.org Feltner cites George Soros’ book The Age of Fallibility in which the billionaire argues that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” According to Feltner, Soros’ and other globalists are seeking to destroy the country.
Media reports said:
While the US mainstream media continues to dub anti-Trump protests as “spontaneous”, it has turned out that more than 50 groups behind the marches received funding from Soros. One of these groups is MoveOn.org, which plays a significant role in organizing the protests.
Hacked emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta published by WikiLeaks indicated that the organization has long been receiving support from the billionaire.
After the results of the US presidential election were announced, MoveOn.org released a statement calling for mass protests. “Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results,” the statement read as quoted by Breitbart News.
It has been alleged by a group of experts that Soros is reportedly funding anti-Trump protests across the US. George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have their finger prints all over the anti-Trump protests, not only in the US, but worldwide.
Political experts say:
There is a tradition of paid protesters in the US. Special interest groups have funds. These groups are quite organized. They pay people to protest in support of an issue. They provide attorneys, places to stay, rent houses, provide medics.
Soros doesn’t conceal his negative attitude toward Trump. “I have described him as an imposter, a con man and would-be dictator,” Soros told Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum on January 19, 2017.
Needless to say, the recent smear campaign launched by the US mainstream media against US President Donald Trump falls within the trend.


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