Ecuador denies end to Latin American left

Granma | 15 February, 2017

Quito.– On February 14, several Latin American intellectuals refuted claims that the recent defeat of progressive governments on the continent represents the end of the leftist era in the region.
The problem is that not enough attention was paid to the fact that the right wing began to launch a counter-offensive as soon as the first progressive leaders came to power, stated academic Isabel Ramos, speaking during an encounter organized by the Network of Intellectuals in Defense of Humanity and Ecuador’s Casa de la Cultura, in the run up to the country’s general elections.
According to Ramos, the media play a key role in attempts by the right-wing to regain power, which Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa described as a conservative restoration.

A defamatory media campaign aimed at undermining the legitimacy of progressive governments, has been ongoing ever they began to gain power in Latin America , starting with the election of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in 1998, she noted.
Meanwhile, Argentine political scientist Atilio Borón highlighted that the success of such governments caused a shift in the United States’ historically hegemonic vision of the continent, suddenly seeing the region as a threat to its interests.
Cuban journalist Katiuska Blanco also spoke during the encounter entitled “For the future of Ecuador and Latin America.” She highlighted the political and social achievements seen across the region in recent years, above all in regards to sovereignty and independence.
Today, it’s impossible to think of Latin America as submissive, stated Blanco, after recalling that the United States no longer has the same power it did 30 years ago.
The meeting between Latin American intellectuals and artists will end today, February 15, with the issuing of a statement in support of the governing Alianza PAÍS party candidate, Lenin Moreno. (PL)



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