#AdiosStarbucks: Mexicans Launch Campaign to Boycott US Goods

 telesur | 27 January, 2017

Worker hanging a piñata of U.S. President Donald Trump

Worker hanging a piñata of U.S. President Donald Trump | Photo: Reuters

The day after U.S. President Donald Trump initiated construction of a border wall and proposed a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports, Mexicans turned to social media to launch their own boycott campaign against U.S. goods.

On Thursday the hashtags #AdiosStarbucks (“Goodbye Starbucks”) and #AdiosProductosGringos (“Goodbye Gringo Goods”) began trending in Mexcio as thousands promised to buy local and boycott U.S. consumer goods in response to Trump’s anti-Mexican policies.

“We’re a country that has everything, we are rich in meats, all of the basic goods we have in Mexico,” Maria Guadalupe told EFE. “We don’t need to import anything.”

Mexicans consume more American goods than the opposite. Let’s consume our own products.

The real estate agent said that she’s not worried about the economic impact of Trump’s attacks on Mexico, saying that Mexicans will just go back to old habits. “Like when I was a girl, we bought Mexican products,” she said.

Financial advisor Jesus Bravo said that while Mexico’s commercial relations with the U.S. are important, there’s no reason why Mexicans can’t look to deepen ties with other countries, adding that a boycott campaign which hurts U.S. companies could force Trump to realize that, “commercial wars only end with agreements, with good policies.”

Support our producers ! Activate the local economy.

The restaurant chain Papa Guapa announced Thursday that they will stop using U.S. products and base their menu on Mexican produced goods “to reactivate a self-sustaining economy.”

Days earlier several large Mexican corporations and municipalities announced they would no longer buy vehicles from companies which leave Mexico under pressure from Trump.

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