The 20 cities with the lowest cost of living

A Journal of People report

India is the country that harbors most of the 20 cities with the lowest living cost in the world, and the city with the lowest relative cost of living in the world is also in India: Thiruvananthapuram. There is the “magic”, a face of a particular economy that enables the country to make such a “performance” with a vast number of poor.
Only four cities from Ukraine and Egypt are represented in the bottom 20.Data company Numbeo regularly updates its data. The company has recently published its Cost of Living Index Rate for 2017. The list is calculated relative to New York City, which has an index of 100. A city with a cost of living index of 130 is 30 percent more expensive than New York while a city with an index of 70 is 30 percent less expensive.
According to the index Thiruvananthapuram has a rating of 19.83. Monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the center of the coastal city is only $89.
In the list, 16 of the 20 least expensive cities are in India.
The large country with a huge population produces majority of its goods while labor id too cheap.
Abhijit Banerjee, professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told The Independent of India: “There’s a very large population, so people are willing to work for very little, which means goods stay cheap.”
Following are the bottom 20 cities:
445. Chandigarh, India: 25.93
446. Goa, India: 25.88
447. Ahmedabad, India: 25.86
448. Surat, India: 25.85
449. Lucknow, India: 25.81
450. Jaipur, India: 25.62
451. Vadodara, India: 25.53
452. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: 25.29
453. Sumy, Ukraine: 24.75
454. Indore, India: 24.38
455. Lviv, Ukraine: 24.32
456. Hyderabad, India: 24.05
457. Kochi, India: 23.58
458. Visakhapatnam, India: 23.54
459. Nagpur, India: 23.47
460. Coimbatore, India: 23.36
461. Bhubaneswar, India: 23.25
462. Cairo, Egypt: 22.29
463. Mangalore, India: 21.89
464. Thiruvananthapuram, India: 19.83
This index shows a part of relations in the areas of production and distribution. Moreover, there is the question: Are all persons in the 20 cities mentioned above well-fed if food and shelter are so cheap?


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