Rising income inequality threatens the global economy, assume the world elites

A Journal of People report

The World Economic Forum (WEF) assesses:
Rising income inequality poses a severe risk to the global economy and could result in the reversal of globalization.

The WEF is concerned that democracy is in crisis.

The WEF said:
Fundamental reform of capitalism may be needed to tackle public anger.Read More »

Politics, profit, loss and George Soros

A Journal of People report

Politics brings profit to some persons and loss to a few. A loser faces loss as the person ventures to profit, and plans to recover the loss already faced.
It has been reported in mainstream media including The Wall Street Journal:
Billionaire George Soros reportedly lost nearly $1 billion during Trump rally. The billionaire’s loss came after the stock market surged following Donald Trump’s unexpected November 8 election victory.Read More »

Will Washington’s new pro-Moscow, anti-Beijing gang drive a wedge through the BRICS in 2017?

by Patrick Bond

Pambazuka News | 12 January, 2017

The weeks following an underwhelming Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) mid-September summit in Goa and the United States presidential election in November have unveiled ever-widening contradictions. Thanks to blatant corruption, presidential delegitimation has reached unprecedented levels in both Brazil and South Africa; while ruling-party religious degeneracy in India also included an extraordinary bout of local currency mismanagement; and sudden new foreign-policy divergences may wreak havoc in China and Russia. The BRICS bloc’s relations could well destabilise to the breaking point.Read More »

The 10 Victories of President Maduro in 2016

by Ignacio Ramonet

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign | 09 January, 2017



In early 2016,Venezuela’s authorities had very difficult problems to solve. Namely, 1) the neoliberal opposition had won the legislative elections of 2015 and controlled the National Assembly, 2) the price of oil, the main export of Venezuela, had fallen to its lowest point in decades, and 3) US President Barack Obama had signed an executive order that declared Venezuela to be an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the US national security and foreign policy”.

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National Minimum Wage to Increase 50% in Venezuela


venezuelanalysis.com | 09 January, 2017

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced the wage increase during his television programme “Sundays with Maduro” (AVN).

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced the wage increase during his television programme “Sundays with Maduro” (AVN).

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced a 50% national minimum wage (NMW) increase as the country heads into 2017.

Applying retroactively to salaries from January 1st, the Venezuelan NMW will rise from 27.091 bolivars to 40.638, said the president Sunday evening.

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