Absolute commitment


Granma | 04 January, 2017

Jorge Quevedo Ocampo

HOLGUÍN.– Contingents of Cuban youth are re-editing the Caravan of Liberty’s route across Cuba from Santiago de Cuba to Havana, along the path Fidel and rebel troops took following the January 1, 1959, triumph of the Revolution. The group of 58 young revolutionaries covering the stretch within this province had received the traditional flag being carried across the country, earlier in the morning, from the Granma contingent, in the town of Cacocum.

They were greeted at the former headquarters of the dictatorship’s defeated 7th Regiment, now the Oscar Lucero Moya community, where all reaffirmed the commitment they had made to Fidel, to defend the Revolution, today and always.

During this stop, Nayla Leyva Rodríguez, first secretary of the Young Communists League in the province, recalled Fidel’s work following the revolutionary victory, beginning with the implementation of the Moncada program and the building of unity.

Also on hand were Luis Torres Iribar, first Party secretary in Holguín and Central Committee member, and other leaders. Among the speakers was Adolfo Begdali Herrera, one of the Rebel Army soldiers who traveled with Fidel in the Caravan of Liberty in 1959.

After the welcome, the contingent proceeded to the city’s General Calixto García Plaza de la Revolución, for a moving inter-generational dialogue with Idinio Macías Samé, a member of the original Carvan of Liberty; Carlos Aguilera, a rebel veteran of the struggle against counterrevolutionaries; Caridad Martínez, a participant in the 1961 Literacy Campaign; and internationalist combatant Ramón Sánchez.

The contingent then traveled to Majibacoa, on the provincial limit with Las Tunas, to meet a group from this province and deliver the flag which will continue its journey to Havana.

SOURCE: http://en.granma.cu/cuba/2017-01-04/absolute-commitment


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