Maradona: Fidel is my second father

Granma | 03 December, 2016


I come to be with my second dad, with the legend who leaves us a very clear legacy that we can not betray. Anyone who believes that Cuba is weak because this great has gone is wrong, former Argentine footballer Diego Armando Maradona stated on arriving in Havana.

Having traveled to the island to participate in the tributes to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Maradona thanked the historic leader for welcoming him during the difficult time of his recovery from drug addiction.

He also praised Fidel’s leadership, noting that among many other players, he was the leader of the world team of politicians.

Maradona, who maintained a close friendship with the Comandante en Jefe since 1987, when he visited the island for the first time, said that he had come to say “Hasta siempre Comandante!”

I want to send my greetings to all Cubans and tell them that my heart is with them; I am a Cuban soldier…I would give my heart and all my body for this flag, for Cuba, Fidel and for Che, he concluded.



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