Second Venezuelan solidarity ship arrives in Cuba


Granma | 17 October, 2016

Minister of People’s Power of Habitat and Housing of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Manuel Quevedo Fernández. Photo: Eduardo Palomares

SANTIAGO DE CUBA.— The historic ties of solidarity between Cuba and Venezuela were further strengthened with the arrival in this city of the AB Noble Essequibo (Tango-62) ship, carrying the second shipment of machinery and building materials, for the recovery of damages caused by hurricane Matthew in the province of Guantánamo.

The valuable cargo includes dump trucks, wheel loaders, bucket trucks for electric works and concrete mixing trucks. The almost 400 tons transported also include 600 transformers, 15,000 square meters of light-weight roofing materials, 1,125 wire mesh sheets used for walls and plastering, as well as parts and pieces for a wet cement plant, among other resources.

At the official welcoming held at the Guillermón Moncada port, the Minister of People’s Power of Habitat and Housing of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Manuel Quevedo Fernández, noted that despite the economic war his country is experiencing, Venezuelans are dedicated to sharing what little they have with the same love inspired by the eternal Comandante Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías.

Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, Cuban ambassador to Venezuela. Photo: Eduardo Palomares

“As such, we say to our enemies,” he added, “that hopefully they will never go through a situation like that we have experienced in visits to the Guantánamo municipalities of Baracoa, Imías and Maisí, but that should such a blow strike them, they can be sure of the helping hand of Cuba and Venezuela.”

Meanwhile, on behalf of the residents of these territories, the President of the Municipal Defense Council of Baracoa, Tony Matos Romero, noted that the hard times experienced have been followed by others of historical significance, such as the presence of Army General Raúl Castro, the support of the entire island in the recovery, and this aid from the Venezuelan government and people.

He emphasized the damage to housing, with preliminary estimates of some 19,000 homes affected, along with all the infrastructure of the territory including the electrical system, communications and roads.

“We send our thanks to all,” he emphasized, adding, “and the certainty of just how much this support represents to the working spirit, despite the difficulties, of men, women and children, to restore to these once forgotten territories, the works the Revolution dignified them with.”

Having taken note of the extensive materials in the ship’s hold, the member of the Party Central Committee Political Bureau, Hero of the Republic of Cuba and Deputy Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Army Corps General Ramón Espinosa Martín, expressed the high levels of discipline and dedication in the delivery of this important contribution to the recovery.

The AB Noble Essequibo (Tango-62) ship of the Venezuelan navy arrived with the second shipment of materials and machinery to aid recovery efforts in Guantánamo following Hurricane Matthew. Photo: Miguel Rubiera Justiz/AIN

Together with representatives of the people of Santiago, the emotional welcome was attended by the members of the Party Central Committee, Lázaro Expósito Canto, Beatriz Jhonson Urrutia and Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, president and vice president of the Provincial Defense Council in Santiago de Cuba, and ambassador of Cuba to Venezuela, respectively.

They were joined by the Minister of Construction of Cuba, René Mesa Villafaña; Major General Juan de Jesús García Toussaintt, General Commander of the Bolivarian National Army of Venezuela; and the Director General of the Cuban Electrical Union, Livan Arronte Cruz.

As part of this, their first trip to the city, a representation of officers and navy staff of the Tango-62 will pay tribute to Cuba’s National Hero, José Martí, at his mausoleum in the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, before visiting the July 26 Historical Museum at the former Moncada Garrison, and the Plaza de la Revolución Major General Antonio Maceo Grajales.

Also announced during the ceremony was further Venezuelan support for both Cuba and Haiti in recovery efforts, as well as the construction of a new bridge over the Toa River, connecting the Cuban municipality of Moa, in Holguín, with the city of Baracoa.



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