Cordial encounter between Fidel and Algerian Prime Minister

Granma | 14 October, 2016

Photo: Alex Castro

Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz and His Excellency Abdelmalek Sellal, Prime Minister of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, held a cordial meeting on October 13.

The Algerian leader commented on the two countries’ close friendship and extended warm words to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, on behalf of his government and in particular the people of this sister nation.

Together with the distinguished visitor, Fidel recalled moments from his past encounters with President Bouteflika, an unconditional and loyal friend of Cuba, to whom he sent fraternal greetings. He also commented on Cuba’s internationalist collaboration with various African countries, in particular Algeria, and emphasized the challenges facing the international community in order to safeguard peace and ensure food security and the existence of the human species.

Photo: Alex Castro
Photo: Alex Castro

Fidel told the Algerian Prime Minister that the unforgettable Chávez and Bouteflika will always be leaders of two revolutionary countries – one in Latin America and the other in Africa – which have offered the most support to the Cuban Revolution, subjected to a perverse over 50-year blockade.

He highlighted that Venezuela and Algeria ceased to be instruments of imperialism, intent on plundering our countries. Our peoples’ revolutionary resolve will grow. Nothing or no one will be able to defeat them, he commented.




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