Venezuela: Reds Condemn Strike ‘Escalation’

By James Tweedle

Morning Star | 05 October, 2016


The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) condemned Monday’s bus strike as part of right-wing attempts to destabilise the country.

PCV politburo spokesman Yul Jabour said the party rejected the protests, calling them sabotage against United Socialist Party (PSUV) President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Monday’s strike was over planned new fare rates in the capital Caracas and other big cities, which have not yet been set.

Mr Jabour said the action was part of “a plan to escalate the conflict,” and said the PCV and its new trade union federation the National Front for Working-Class Struggle (FNLCT) would not take part.

He added that 17 years of PSUV government had brought great benefits to the transport sector.

Since late president Hugo Chavez was first elected in 1999 the government has reorganised sole-trading bus operators into co-operatives and several new underground lines have opened in Caracas.

National Transport Federation of Venezuela president Erick Zuleta told Globovision there was “no transport strike” in the Greater Caracas area, but he said a meeting of bus drivers had led to services on some routes being suspended.

Mr Jabour hailed the start of regular roundtable meetings between the FNCLT, the Labour Ministry and the Social Security Institute set to begin tomorrow.

He said the discussions would allow workers and government to “debate and discuss labour problems that remain unresolved at the national level.

“It’s an advance in attempts to resolve the high levels of conflict that remain in the labour field.” he said.





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