Protests Across Brazil as Dilma Rousseff Defends Herself

Telesur | 29 August, 2016

“We are 54 million Dilmas,” people across the country chanted, alluding to Rousseff’s 2014 vote tally and demanding interim President Michel Temer resign.

Thousands of people and many social organizations protested in Brazil’s main cities on Monday, the same day suspended President Dilma Rousseff made her final pitch for staying in office to the Brazilian Senate.

In the capital Brasilia, people gathered in front of the parliament, where senators will vote Tuesday on whether or not to remove Rousseff form office. A two-thirds majority, or 54 of 81 senators, is required to seal the impeachment and install the “interim” government of Michel Temer permanently.

When the sun went down Monday night, a brutal crackdown was reported in Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo, with police throwing tear gas at protesters, while the suspended president was defending her case to the senators in a moving speech.

The impeachment bid has been widely condemned as a parliamentary coupdue to the lack of legitimate accusations against Rousseff that would justify her removal according to the Brazilian Constitution.

Rivals have long attempted to paint their campaign as an effort to root out government fraud, but rampant corruption in the ranks of the opposition andleaked wiretap recordings shedding light on the motivations behind the impeachment bid have laid bare that the power grab is more about protecting the elite from investigations into their own corruption.





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