Rousseff was not guilty of a crime, says report by Public Prosecutor Office

Journal of People report

Almost a month after Brazil’s senate had voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff, the elected popular president of the country, on accusation of temperament of accounts for hiding budget shortfall, a report by the Office of the Public Prosecutor said Rousseff was not guilty of a crime, invalidating the arguments for her impeachment, Telesur reports.

Earlier this year the rightist dominated  Senate of the country voted to suspend the presidency of Dilma Rousseff for 180 days. Now the report by the Office of the Public Prosecutor seriously undermines the ground of an impeachment.

The report by Ivan Claudio Marx, the prosecutor of the republic, said, that albeit delay of payment by the presidency to the state bank was a violation of contract but it was not a crime. It was also noted that such practice was not uncommon in the case of previous presidents, none of whom were accused on this ground and subject to an impeachment process.

However, the report is not legally binding on the impeachment process.

A Telesur report quoted Senator Lindbergh Farias who said the report meant that “the impeachment process is a farce.”

Rousseff’s case is now stronger as earlier another report by analysts of the Senate found no evidence to suggest that Rousseff was personally responsible for any kind of fiscal wrong doing.

As it stands clear that Rousseff stands innocent, the country’s rightist dominated Senate would probably still vote to oust her, reported Bloomberg citing an aide to the coup-government of Michel Temer.

Although former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a close ally of Rousseff, is hopeful that it would be possible to stop the impeachment process now.




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