For the Right of Information and Real Democracy in Zambia

by the Landless Workers’ Movement (MST)

Scribd | 04 July, 2016



Secretaria Nacional

Alameda Barão de Limeira, nº 1232, Campos Elíseos, 01202-002, São Paulo, SP

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His excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu

The President of the Republic of Zambia


For the right of information and real democracy in Zambia



On the 21st June, 2016, the Zambia Revenue Authority, in the company of armed police and under instructions from the President of the country, closed down “The Post Newspaper” in Lusaka, in a very undemocratic and oppressive attitude.


The Revenue Tribunal demanded that The Post reopens, but the government defied the order. In instead, on 27th June, the police arrested the director of The Post, Fred M’Membe, his wife Mutinta Mazoka, and the News Editor Joseph Mwenda. They were severely beaten and are now incarcerated at Lusaka Central Police.


The closure of The Post, as well as the arrest of its Director and Editor, represents a total lack of democracy and freedom of speech and of the media in Zambia. It also represents an attack on the right of the Zambian population to access information.


Without The Post Newspaper, the country is now without a critical mouthpiece during the on-going general and presidential elections’ campaign. The 11th August 2016 is the voting day, and the Government of Zambia has taken away the only platform Zambians have continually used to expose corruption and other malpractices during elections times.


Therefore demand:


  • That the Government of Zambia respects the decision of the Revenue Tribunal and immediately reopens “The Post Newspaper”
  • To stop the political persecution of journalists and activists in the country
  • For the government to respect the freedom of speech and press, without which there will be no true democracy.



Landless Workers Movement – MST – Brazil





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