A reader’s comment on Sanders

Journal of People report

On 12 July, 2016 a “Sanders Endorses Clinton at Joint ‘Stronger Together’ Rally in New Hampshire” titled report appeared on the online news journal Common DreamsThe report said: ‘ At a joint rally on Tuesday morning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called “Stronger Together,” Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, as expected.The new show of political unity was not without moments of contention from the audience.When New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan attempted to start a chant of “Hillary! Hillary!” during an introductory speech, chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” drowned out Clinton supporters.A “Still Bernie” sign also took over the bottom half of a live CSPAN feed during an early portion of the proceedings, and those in attendance posted photos of a large crowd of Sanders supporters.’

A reader commented on the report. His comments are following:

So his promise to endorse the annointed Democratic nominee was more important than his promise to his supporters to take the fight to the convention floor?

All the donations scraped and sacrificed and sent by working class Americans, who believed in him and his call for revolution. For what? And now those donor lists are in the filthy hands of the Clinton/DNC mafia.

Not a peep from him about the stolen, fraudulent elections, an outright assault on our supposed “democracy”?

And to add insult to injury, how dare he pull an Obama and tell us to look forward, not back.

I had held out hope that he would avoid endorsing. How sad for him, that he threw his honor away and endorsed her. His life’s work is now irrelevant. Sadder for us and the world when Clinton becomes president.

Whether he was bribed, threatened, or as some have suggested, always a sheepdog to lead progressives back into the party, is irrelevant to me. Shame on you Sanders! As I vowed, when I get home from work tonight, I will be switching to Green. Goodbye Democratic party. My future energies will be spent to break up the Duopoly.

SOURCE: http://commondreams.org/news/2016/07/12/sanders-endorses-clinton-joint-stronger-together-rally-new-hampshire






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