A reader’s comment on Sanders

Journal of People report

On 12 July, 2016 a “Sanders Endorses Clinton at Joint ‘Stronger Together’ Rally in New Hampshire” titled report appeared on the online news journal Common DreamsThe report said: ‘ At a joint rally on Tuesday morning in Portsmouth, New Hampshire called “Stronger Together,” Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, as expected.The new show of political unity was not without moments of contention from the audience.When New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan attempted to start a chant of “Hillary! Hillary!” during an introductory speech, chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” drowned out Clinton supporters.A “Still Bernie” sign also took over the bottom half of a live CSPAN feed during an early portion of the proceedings, and those in attendance posted photos of a large crowd of Sanders supporters.’

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We Are The Empire

by William Astore

Common Dreams | 12 July, 2016

“Whether anyone notices or not, alien invasion flicks offer a telling analogy when it comes to the destructive reality of Washington’s global ambitions; so, too, do ‘space operas’ like Star Wars,” writes Astore. (Photo: Barkar B/flickr/cc)

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” CartoonistWalt Kelly’s famed possum, Pogo, first uttered that cry. In light of alien disaster movies like the recent sequel Independence Day: Resurgence and America’s disastrous wars of the twenty-first century, I’d like to suggest a slight change in that classic phrase: we have met the alien and he is us.

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