Mutual commitments for the laying down of arms

Granma | 23 June, 2016

While reading Joint Communique #76 between the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP, Rodolfo Benítez, guarantor for Cuba at the talks, stressed that the national government and the FARC-EP have established a commitment to a new culture that will outlaw the use of arms to ensure democracy and leave no space for political persecution, and for which a roadmap will be developed with mutual commitments in order that 180 days following the signing of said agreement, there is complete disarmament.

Furthermore, these agreements are aimed at putting an end to the fighting and hostilities, and making the necessary arrangements to prepare the country and society for the incorporation of the FARC-EP into Colombia civilian life.

To ensure compliance, a tripartite delegation between the national government, the FARC-EP and an international component composed of member countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is proposed.

In addition, the Cuban guarantor informed, certain security measures will be established for the units and forces of the FARC-EP to move to 22 transitional areas and eight camps that will work to ensure that paramilitary structures are reincorporated into the political, social and economic life of the country. The safety of members of the peace process will also be guaranteed.

Regarding the laying down of arms, a technical procedure will be implemented to ensure that the United Nations receives all FARC-EP arms, before constructing three monuments as a symbol of peace.

Based on the signing taking place today, both parties requested that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon put all necessary arrangements in place to advance the implementation of this agreement.


The guarantor for Norway, Dag Nylander, during the reading of the agreements, noted that they are intended to provide protection and security to all in the country and guarantees for the political participation of movements and political parties.

He added that this agreement also includes the implementation of further measures against criminal organizations and to tackle paramilitarism, as agreed in point 5. He also noted that the agreement rests on principles of respect, guarantees and the promotion of human rights, non-use of force, strengthening justice, accountability and citizen participation, among others.

Dag Nylander stressed that the agreement which seeks national reconciliation and peaceful coexistence will be supported by, among other instruments, a special investigations unit within the attorney general’s office for the dismantling of paramilitary organizations, another unit within the Judicial Police, the creation of a system for political participation to guarantee the protection of human rights in different communities across the country, and the establishment of a Security and Protection Program for communities with measures based on this goal.

He also noted that the agreement includes additional measures such as the activation of an elite corps of the national police, the monitoring of criminal organizations, better identification of threats, greater law enforcement, anti-corruption measures and institutional transparency.



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