The Revolution Isn’t Over: Here’s How It Can Be Sustained – and Why It Must Be

by John Atcheson

Common Dreams | 12 June, 2016

After the June 7th primaries, it looks like Clinton is going to be the Democrats’ nominee. Political operatives in the Party are declaring the Sanders revolution to be finished, salivating over his donor list, and calling on him and his supporters to close ranks and join the Party in the fight against Trump.

But as scary as Trump is, it’s hard to envision backing a centrist, pay-to-play politician like Hillary. What the establishment doesn’t understand, is that the Sanders revolution wasn’t simply a speedbump on the way to ordaining the candidate they selected a year and a half ago – it was a complete rejection of the DLC corporatist pawn the Party had become.

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Remembering Naxalbari

Frontier Editorial

Frontier | Vol. 48, No. 48, Jun 5 – 11, 2016

This is the 49th year of the Naxalbari uprising. On 25 May in the year 1967, the police fired on a procession of peasant women, killing seven on the spot. Naxalbari is a mouja in the phansidewa thana area of the district of Darjeeling. A few days before the shooting down of the peasant women, a clash between the police and the agitating peasants, who had raised the slogan of ‘land to the tillars’, took place and a police inspector named Wangdi was killed. The movement started under the banner of the Siliguri subdivisional branch of the CPI(M)-led Kishan Sabha, then led, among others, by Kanu Sanyal, Jangal Santal and Khokan Majumdar. The uprising created quite a stir all over India, and the then Communist Party of China hailed it in an article entitled ‘Spring Thunder Over India’ in its ‘People’s Daily’. Read More »

Only the overthrow of capitalism can bring liberation

Reflections on African Liberation Day 2016

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A million workers form new federation in South Africa

The declaration of the Workers Summit at May Day Rally 2016

University of East Africa: An early model of South-South cooperation

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Prime Minister Madura, the $170 Hamburger, and the Rising Floodwaters of Shonky Venezuela Coverage

by RYAN MALLETT-OUTTRIM | 09 June, 2016

Weighing in on Venezuela’s political and economic situation is in vogue right now, and every pundit and his dog wants to have their say. Unfortunately, many of these pundits know very little about Venezuela, and get basic facts wrong. The latest offender is the influential US free market think tank, the Cato Institute. On June 7, they published an opinion piece bashing Venezuela’s president, “Nicolas Madura”.

For anyone who isn’t particularly familiar with Venezuela, the country’s president is actually a man named Nicolas Maduro. For the casual reader, the reference to President “Madura” may seem like an innocent typographical error. Yet oddly, the article continued to use this incorrect name throughout. In total, the piece referred to “Madura” five times, while not once mentioning the president’s correct name, Maduro.Read More »

Cuba calls for strengthening strategies to confront imperialist intervention in the region

Granma | 10 June, 2016

The Alba-TCP Political Council denounced the media campaigns against leftist governments. Photo: AVN

Caracas.— Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, June 8, called on the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba-TCP) to strengthen strategies to confront imperialist intervention and coup plots on the continent, according to AVN.

In his comments, during the Alba-TCP Political Council meeting to discuss common strategies to defend the region, PL reported, Rodríguez likewise called on social movements to defend progressive governments facing attacks orchestrated by foreign powers, as is the case in Venezuela, which was subjected to an attempt by the Organization of American States (OAS) to justify intervention via the application of the bloc’s Inter-American Charter, as well as Brazil, where a parliamentary coup and media campaign are currently underway against the country’s legitimate President, Dilma Rousseff.

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MediCuba: an efficient and prosperous socialist enterprise


Granma | 08 June, 2016

The MediCuba office is located on 2nd Street, No. 352, between 15th and 17th Streets, Vedado, Havana. Photo:Anabel Díaz

The wise decision to establish the socialist state enterprise, MediCuba, in December, 1962, responded to the need to provide supplies including medicines, equipment and new technology for the Cuban public health system.

Today, this state enterprise with purely national capital, is working to establish policies regarding the management of imports, in accordance with the aspiration to gradually introduce higher profile providers that can respond to the requirements of the national economy.Read More »