STOP BILDERBERG: Protest against the global elites’ secretive meet

“Murderer!” Kissinger heckled

A Journal of People report


With the Bilderberg 2016 meeting at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, deep behind closed doors and protected by heavily-armed guards, many have wondered: just how hyperbolic are allegations that the Bilderberg run the world. To help readers decide, here is a chart compiled by Zero Hedge that lays out the linkages and connections – financial, political, statutory and otherwise – between the handful of persons who comprise the Bilderberg core.

Water cannon and other crowd control tools have been deployed by German police in preparation for “violent” protests outside this weekend’s Bilderberg 2016 conference, the world’s most intriguing gathering, in Germany.

The Bilderberg conference is one of the most secretive and powerful organizations people have ever heard of. The Bilderberg Group conference is being held in Dresden this week, with the West’s rich and powerful set to meditate on the migrant crisis, the next US president and UK’s referendum on leaving the EU.Read More »