‘The Struggle Continues’: Sanders Refuses to Bend the Knee to Establishment

by Jon Queally, staff writer

Common Dreams | 08 June, 2016

Bernie Sanders refused to concede the race for the Democratic Party presidential nomination on Tuesday night even as he congratulated his rival Hillary Clinton on her primary wins and thanked his supporters for their determined commitment to the ‘political revolution’ he has championed throughout the hotly contested primary season.

“If this campaign has taught us anything,” he told an enthusiastic and cheering crowd in Santa Monica, California just after 10:30 pm local time, “it has proven that millions of Americans who love this country are prepared to stand up and fight to make this country a much better place.”

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INDOMITABLE HUMAN: Tale of a Nepalese soldier, an amputee US veteran, two women and the Everest

A Journal of People report    

Bed Bahadur Sunuwar, a Nepalese soldier has won world’s highest marathon on the Mount Everest. Chad Jukes, US army veteran becomes 2nd combat amputee to scale the Everest. Charlie Linville, US Marine Staff Sergeant, became the first amputee to climb the Everest. All these happened in since April 2016. Along with these major victories, the Everest has seen four confirmed deaths. Two more climbers were missing and are unlikely to be found, experts say. Tenzing Norgay’s son has deplored condition of Sherpas in Nepal while China has decided to blacklist tourists who would deface the Mount Everest.Read More »

Despite ‘Moral Angst’ About Inequality, World’s Richest Just Keep Getting Richer

by Nika Knight, staff writer

Common Dreams | 07 June, 2016

“The skyrocketing level of income and wealth inequality is not only grotesque and immoral, it is economically unsustainable,” Bernie Sanders has argued. (Photo: Janeen/flickr/cc)

At a moment when the wealthiest one percent own more money than the rest of the world combined, a new report finds that in 2015 the world’s richest people were able to sit back and watch their assets grow by 5.2 percent to a stunning $168 trillion.

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Report Details How US-Backed Coup Unleashed Wave of Abuses in Honduras

by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Before her assassination, Honduran Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres criticized U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as an example of international "meddling." (Photo via Democracy Now!)
Before her assassination, Honduran Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres criticized U.S. presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton as an example of international “meddling.” (Photo via Democracy Now!)

The U.S.-backed Honduran coup ushered in a wave of neoliberal policies that have systematically violated the economic, cultural, and social rights of the nation’s Indigenous people, women, and farmers, while leaving activists and rights defenders—such as the late Berta Cáceres—vulnerable to criminalization and violence.

Such were the findings of a new report, prepared by a coalition of 54 Honduran social movements and rights organizations and presented as an alternative to the official government report submitted to the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which began its 58th session in Geneva on Monday.

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Increased Extreme Weather Events Predicted Due to Effect of Climate Change on the Arctic

Greenpeace | 07 June, 2016

MADRID – The effects of climate change on the Arctic — including melting ice and sea level rise — may possibly alter weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. These effects could include hotter, drier summers in some areas, wetter summers in other areas, and cold, stormy winters in others, according to studies compiled by the Greenpeace Research Laboratories in the report, “What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic” which is published today.Read More »

The Demise of the OAS


The Organization of American States (COHA)

The Organization of American States (COHA)

“The fact is that we need not only a new human rights system, but a new inter-American system. We must understand that the Americas to the north and to the south of the Rio Grande are different, and we must communicate as blocs. The Organization of American States, the OAS, has historically been the prisoner of North American interests and visions, and its accrued biases and atavisms make it inefficient and unreliable for the new times that Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing.”Read More »

Government Probe into POLICHACAO Reveals US Police Training and Embassy Links


venezuelanalysis.com | 07 June, 2016

In the initial phase of the 90 day-probe into Chacao’s municipal police force (POLICHACAO), President Nicolás Maduro made public evidence revealing that local officers are training with United States police and are in daily communication with the US Embassy.

National police authorities opened an investigation into the opposition-controlled municipality’s police force following the murder of Army Major General Félix Velásquez allegedly at the hands of POLICHACAO officers on Sunday, May 29 in Santa Mónica, Caracas.Read More »

Ali, the legend

Granma | 07 June, 2016

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time.Photo: Prensa Latina

Films, books, radio and television programs, photos, posters and stories of all kinds surround the life of U.S. former boxer Muhammad Ali, who passed away on June 3, 2016, at the age of 74.

Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. in Louisville, Kentucky, on January 17, 1942, he is almost unanimously regarded as the most outstanding boxer of all time, not only for what he achieved in the ring, but also outside it.Read More »