Voters Outraged as Media Accused of Falsely, Preemptively Crowning Clinton

by Jon Queally, staff writer

Common Dreams | 06 June, 2016

The Bernie Sanders campaign and progressives across the nation expressed mixtures of frustration and contempt Monday night after major news outlets—following declarations by the Associated Press and NBC News—ignored the explicit instructions about how primary delegates should be tallied and declared that Hillary Clinton has won the nomination of the Democratic Party.

It was feared this would happen—and news outlets were repeatedly warned they would be reporting the results inaccurately if they counted so-called “superdelegates” in their totals before next month’s national convention—but they did it any way.Read More »

What Happens Next? People’s Summit to Fortify Sanders’ Political Revolution

by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Common Dreams | 06 June, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose supporters speak of a "political revolution," has been invited to speak at the People's Summit. (Photo: Michelle Prevost/flickr/cc)
Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose supporters speak of a “political revolution,” has been invited to speak at the People’s Summit. (Photo: Michelle Prevost/flickr/cc)

No matter what happens in the remaining seven Democratic presidential primaries, progressives—many of them Bernie Sanders supporters—will gather in Chicago later this month to discuss how to build and fortify the political revolution that’s been sparked during the 2016 campaign season.

“At a time of tremendous turmoil and progressive opportunity, we invite you to participate in a historic convening of organizations and individuals committed to social, racial and economic justice,” reads the call-to-action for the event, known as the People’s Summit. “We envision this Summit as further deepening the relationship between participating organizations rooted in principled anti-corporate politics, development of community leaders, direct action not based on partisan identification, and strategic organizing to build power.”

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How U.S. and U.K. Media Are Trying To Push Maduro and Venezuela Over the Edge

by MAX AJL – IN THESE TIMES | 06 June, 2016

While the crisis [in Venezuela] is real, it is also the result of an ongoing attempt by the country’s elite and international forces like the U.S. government to subvert the Maduro presidency. Failed state. Economic and social collapse. Battlefield clinics. Humanitarian crisis. Descent into chaos. These are the apocalyptic buzzwords being used to describe modern Venezuela and the Nicolas Maduro government in the U.S.-U.K. press, shortly after a constitutional coup d’état dumped Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff of the social democratic Workers’ Party from office. U.S. political elites are happy with this turn of events. As historian Greg Grandin writes, the U.S. now “has compliant compradores in power in Argentina and Brazil, and perhaps soon in Venezuela.”

Some words you will rarely read in media coverage of Venezuela include “capital strike,” “economic sabotage,” “destabilization plan,” “coup d’état” or others which provide a far more complete and accurate account of what is going on in the country. For while the crisis is real, it is also the result of an ongoing attempt by the country’s elite and international forces like the U.S. government to subvert the Maduro presidency. In so doing, the role of the media is to wage psychological warfare against the Venezuelan government, doing its best to erode public support and sympathy for the struggling government.Read More »

Maduro Sues Parliament for Usurping Foreign Policy as Zapatero Meets with Lopez

by LUCAS KOERNER | 06 June, 2016

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro filed a constitutional complaint with the country’s Supreme Court Friday, accusing the opposition-controlled parliament of “usurping” his powers to conduct foreign policy.

The legal action follows months of lobbying by opposition lawmakers affiliated with the right-wing coalition, the MUD, for the suspension of Venezuela from the Organization of American States (OAS) under the body’s democratic charter.

“It is unacceptable that organizations like the OAS, the UN, and the European Union receive these men [the opposition] when they know that they are usurping a constitutional precept that international relations are the exclusive domain of the president of the Republic,” declared Elvis Amoroso, chief legal counsel for the executive branch.Read More »

Venezuelan People and Government Honor Memory of Muhammad Ali | 06 June, 2016

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its condolences to the Afro-American people of the United States, to the international athletic community, and to the family of Muhammad Ali for the sad passing of this glorious athlete and symbol of struggles for peace, civil rights, and religious diversity worldwide. Read More »

We cannot remain indifferent to disturbances in Latin America and the Caribbean

Full text of remarks by Raul Castro Ruz, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, opening the 7th Association of Caribbean States Summit, June 4, 2016

Granma | 04 June, 2016

Distinguished Heads of State and/or Government,

Esteemed Ambassador Alfonso Munera Cavadia, Secretary General of the Association of Caribbean States,

Distinguished delegates and guests,

For the seventh time, we are meeting as Heads of States and/or Government, alongside other high representatives of the States and territories of the Association of Caribbean States, ACS. On this occasion we have gathered for a deep exchange on the theme “Together to confront the challenges of sustainable development, climate change and peace in the Caribbean”.

Our deliberations will also be aimed at strengthening the organization on the basis of its foundational principles, as a mechanism of coordination, cooperation and concerted action.Read More »

Operation Condor and historical memory

Granma | 02 June, 2016

Victims’ family members await the verdict in the trial of 17 of those involved in Operation Condor. Photo: El Clarín

They fled into exile to wherever they could find shelter. Hundreds found supportive homes mainly in Mexico, Cuba and some countries in Europe. They were men and women, mostly young, escaping from the clutches of a “condor” – the name of an Andean bird, the largest in the world – which overnight became a diabolical nightmare, sowing death across South America.

In light of the current court case – 41 years later – of a group implicated in Operation Condor in Argentina, and a headline dubbing it a “landmark trial”, I turned to my memories, news reports and other documents regarding this terrible period of Latin American history.

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