Justice for Víctor Jara

une 29, 2016

Photo: AP

A Florida jury has found a former Chilean army officer liable for the murder of the popular folk singer and activist, Victor Jara in 1973.

It found that Pedro Pablo Barrientos killed the folk singer in the first days of Augusto Pinochet’s coup.

The jury at the civil trial in Orlando awarded Jara’s family $28m (£21m) in damages.Read More »

France And Germany Push For Tighter EU Integration

Morning Star | 28 June, 2016

FRANCE and Germany’s foreign ministers demanded closer integration and more control from Brussels yesterday in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave.

France’s Jean-Marc Ayrault said that the British decision “could help Europeans become aware that Europe needs to come closer together.”

He and Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier suggested a common European prosecutor for terrorism and organised crime, an international coastguard and joint border-guard units.Read More »

Denouncing Violent Tactics of ‘Political Mafia,’ Tens of Thousands March in Mexico City

by Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Common Dreams | 27 June, 2016

Four thousand police were reportedly deployed to counter the massive anti-government protest in Mexico City on Sunday. (Photo via @MexicAnarchist)
Four thousand police were reportedly deployed to counter the massive anti-government protest in Mexico City on Sunday. (Photo via @MexicAnarchist)

“You are not alone,” was the message tens of thousands of supporters sent to striking teachers in Oaxaca during a massive demonstration in Mexico City on Sunday.

Protesters marched against the government’s violent response to the teacher strikes and other dissension, as well as Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s neoliberal policies that spurred the educator protests and emboldened a wider backlash against his regime of privatization and repression—fueling many calls for his resignation.

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Joan Acker, Socialist Feminist

by John Bellamy Foster

MRZINE | 26 June, 2016

Joan Acker, who died on June 22, 2016, was one of the foremost socialist feminists of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.  Her work about gender and class drew much of its creativity from a continual though uneasy engagement between feminism and Marxism.  She was one of the initial subscribers to Monthly Review, beginning with vol. 1, no. 1. in May 1949.  Among her works is a short piece, “Different Strategies Are Necessary Now” — written for a discussion on “What Happened to the Women’s Movement?” — that appeared in the October 2001 issue of Monthly Review.  The following article on her work was originally published in the June 2012 issue of Monthly Review.

* * *

Joan Acker’s Feminist Historical-Materialist Theory of Class
by John Bellamy Foster

This assessment of Joan Acker’s Class Questions: Feminist Answers was written as a tribute to be included in a booklet as part of a March 8, 2012, celebration of her life and work at the University of Oregon.  It has been slightly revised and expanded for publication here.

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Clinton’s “First Major Betrayal”? DNC Surrogates Defeat Anti-TPP Measure

by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Common Dreams | 27 June, 2016

After advocating for the agreement as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton declared her lukewarm TPP opposition in October, facing a progressive challenge from left. (Photo: PBS News)

Well, that didn’t take long.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, through her surrogates on the Democratic National Committee’s platform drafting panel, appears to already be hedging on her most recent stance on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Clinton flipped her position on the corporate-friendly TPP last October, saying she opposed it after having backed it as secretary of state. At the time, Slate ran a piece with the headline, “Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP, at Least Until the Democratic Convention.”

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Hillary and My Vaginal Vote: Best Identity Politics Ever!

by Susie Day

MRZINE | 21 June, 2016

Dear Hillary Rodham Clinton,

I am voting for you to be our first woman president because Sisterhoodis Powerful, and who doesn’t love power?  For a woman to be accepted as “one of the boys,” she has to be twice as good at the things boys like.  War, for instance.  That’s you, Sister!

As Senator, you masterfully voted for the war in Iraq, and have for years expertly supported just about every U.S. military intervention — without losing an ounce of your femininity.  As Secretary of State, you deftly orchestrated the bombing of Libya. And when Muammar Gaddafi died, sodomized with a bayonet blade, you wittily quipped on TV news: “We came, we saw, he died.”  You even got the State Department to approve$165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments gave big bucks to the Clinton Foundation.Read More »

Trinidad Begins Food Exports to Venezuela


venezuelanalysis.com | 27 June, 2016

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley, standing left, in Port of Spain discuss

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley, standing left, in Port of Spain discuss trade agreements (Prensa Presidencia).

Caracas, June 27th 2016 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Trade announced that it has begun the shipment of food and other goods to its South American neighbor.

Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon officially released details of the trade agreement at the Execution of Bilateral Commercial Agreements between Trinidad and Tobago’s local manufacturers and Corporación Venezolana de Comercia Exterior (CORPOVEX) in Port of Spain last Tuesday.Read More »

Venezuelan Fourth Republic Found Guilty of State Terror


venezuelanalysis.com | 27 June, 2016

Caracas, June 26th 2016 (Venezuelanalysis.com) – Chief Prosecutor of Venezuela’s Public Ministry Luisa Ortega announced Sunday that body’s Truth and Justice Commission had registered a total of 11,043 cases of political disappearances, torture and assassination between 1958 and 1998, during Venezuela’s Fourth Republic. Ortega released the information on former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense Jose Rangel Vicente’s program Jose Vicente Hoy.

Ortega confirmed that the cases were found as a result of the commission’s research into declassified files. The Truth and Justice Commission was created in February 2013 following the 2012 approval of the Law to Sanction Crimes, Disappearances, Torture and Other Human Rights Violations for Political Reasons during the Period of 1958-1998.Read More »

Cuba reiterates solidarity with Puerto Rico

Granma | 27 June, 2016

Edwin González Vázquez, representative of the Puerto Rican Mission in Havana thanked Cuba for its solidarity with the country’s independence cause. Photo: Karoly Emerson/ICAP

During a UN Special Committee on Decolonization session Cuba once again demanded independence for the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico, subjected to 118 years of neo-colonial domination by the United States, a status which prevents it from adopting measures to resolve its difficult economic situation. Read More »

Brexit: ‘just the tip of the iceberg’, says Greenspan

A Journal of People Report

The verdict was delivered. The world was shocked. And then came the epiphany.

Britain has voted for ‘Brexit’, as it is being called, notwithstanding the warnings from economists, experts, businessmen and political leaders.

How would Brexit effect the economy of Britain?

Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve during the 1987 stock market crash and the bursting of the dot-com bubble, told CNBC, in an interview, “There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away”.Read More »