In Synchronized Strikes Around the World, Workers #Fightfor15

Common Dreams | 14 April, 2016

“We need livable wages because we can’t break a glass ceiling we can’t reach,” argued the Sierra Club’s Aaron Mair. (Photo: Fight for 15)

From Glasgow to Bangalore to Moscow to San Diego, the message was the same: “no more poverty wages!”

Declaring their right to a living wage, beleaguered workers around the world walked off their jobs on Thursday in synchronized global strikes.

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$1,400,000,000,000: Oxfam Exposes the Great Offshore Tax Scam of US Companies

Common Dreams | 14 April, 2016

In 2012, U.S. companies reported $80 billion of profits in the tax haven of Bermuda. (Photo: /flickr/cc)

Using an “opaque and secretive network” of subsidiaries in tax havens, top American corporations have stashed $1.4 trillion offshore, a new report from Oxfam shows.

With “a range of tricks, tools, and loopholes,” for tax avoidance, the 50 largest U.S. companies, including well-known names like Goldman Sachs, Verizon Communications, Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Chevron, raked in $4 trillion in profits globally between 2008 and 2014, are contributing to inequality, the anti-poverty group said.Read More »

Oil Industry’s Suppression of Climate Science Began in 1940s, Documents Reveal

Common Dreams | 13 April, 2016


A trove of newly uncovered documents shows that fossil fuel companies were explicitly warned of the risks of climate change decades earlier than previously suspected.

And while it’s no secret—anymore—that the companies knew about those dangers long ago, the documents, published Wednesday by the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), reveal even more about the broader industry effort to suppress climate science and foment public doubt about global warming.Read More »

What I Learned From My March With Democracy Spring

Common Dreams | 14 April, 2016

The author addresses a crowd gathered for the Democracy Spring mobilization in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Democracy Spring)

This past Monday was the most important day of my life. I walked up to the Capitol building and sat on the steps with more than 400 people. When asked to move, we refused and were arrested. We committed nonviolent civil disobedience together to protest the power of money in politics and support the restoration of real democracy.

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Money Influences Everybody. That Includes Hillary Clinton

by Trevor Timm

Common Dreams | 14 April, 2016

Democrats have a decision to make: do they think money in politics is a corrupting force that influences the decisions made by elected officials, or not? After years railing against the Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to outside spending in elections, some of them appear to have done a complete reversal.Read More »

The great ballet dancer goes contemporary

Granma | 11 April, 2016

The pas de deux by Carmen (Laura Treto) and Don José (Javier Rojas) was one of the highlights of Carlos Acosta’s version of Carmen. Photo: Yander Zamora

Carlos Acosta, world ballet star, opted for a selection of contemporary pieces for the premiere in Havana (April 8) of his company, Acosta Danza, delighting a full house gathered in the Lorca Hall of the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana.

It could be said that the new director went for a safe bet as the curtains were drawn back on the first piece, Alrededor no hay nada, choreography, costume and lighting by Goyo Montero of Spain, who received a standing ovation.Read More »