‘Unprecedented’ Youth Climate Case Against Government Moves Forward

Common Dreams | 09 April, 2016

The plaintiffs celebrate after Friday's ruling. (Photo: Our Children's Trust)The plaintiffs celebrate after Friday’s ruling. (Photo: Our Children’s Trust)

A federal judge in Oregon on Friday ruled that the lawsuit brought against the U.S. government by a group of youths last August can go to trial—a huge victory for the case climate activists are calling “the most important lawsuit on the planet right now.”Read More »

Sanders Takes 30-Point Bite out of Clinton Lead in NY

Common Dreams | 08 April, 2016

Bernie Sanders speaking at a campaign rally in the South Bronx on March 31, 2016.  (Photo: Michael Vadon/flickr/cc)

A poll released Friday shows that Bernie Sanders has significantly narrowed the lead Hillary Clinton once claimed in New York.

The new Emerson College poll (pdf) shows Clinton leading Sanders among Democratic primary voters in the state by 18 points—56 percent to 38 percent. That marks a significant drop in support for the former secretary of state since the same poll was taken less than one month ago.Read More »

Forming a Communal Council in Photos – Popular Organisation in El Manicomio, Caracas

venezuelanalysis.com | 18 March, 2016

A VA image gallery of the process of forming a communal council in Venezuela, taken from the experience of El Manicomio in Caracas.

The communal councils are one of the Bolivarian revolution’s foremost initiatives for building direct democracy and popular power. Delegates are elected to specific working groups for a period of two years in community level elections.

Once elected, the delegates work to develop a number of different areas according to the needs of the community; including in housing, finance, education, culture, health, people’s economy, science and technology and community media. Communitiy assemblies must be called regularly by the delegates, in order for them to answer to the community and incorporate the community’s proposals into their work plan.


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“Last” Days Of Maduro, And A Coup Is In The Offing In Venezuela: MSM Prognostications

by Farooque Chowdhury

Countercurrents | 13 March, 2016

It would have been nice for the world system had Maduro, the president of Venezuela and the arch enemy of the system, failed. But Maduro has failed to fail. He is still holding high the standard of Bolivarian revolution. But the world system is in dire need of his failures. To facilitate much desired failure, the mainstream media (MSM) intensify propaganda of all sorts against Maduro. Two MSM headings are thus born: The last days of Maduro, and a coup is in the offing in Venezuela.Read More »