Four decades ago, Exxon knew there’s climate change, but it was silent

A Journal of People report

Exxon, one of the oil giants, knew before most of the world that climate change is there. It got the message: Carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels use would warm the planet and could eventually endanger humanity. But the oil giant carried on its business-as-usual. Moreover, it spread misinformation.Read More »

“Exxon sowed doubt about climate science for decades by stressing uncertainty”

By collaborating with the Bush-Cheney White House, Exxon turned ordinary scientific uncertainties into weapons of mass confusion

By David Hasemyer and John H. Cushman Jr.

Courtesy: InsideClimate News | 22 October, 2015

As he wrapped up nine years as the federal government’s chief scientist for global warming research, Michael MacCracken lashed out at ExxonMobil for opposing the advance of climate science.

His own great-grandfather, he told the Exxon board, had been John D. Rockefeller’s legal counsel a century earlier. “What I rather imagine he would say is that you are on the wrong side of history, and you need to find a way to change your position,” he wrote.Read More »

“American voters really don’t know enough about the people running for high public office in the U.S.”, a part of US democracy told

A Journal of People report

How much are the US voters told? How much are they being informed? Bob Woodward, the Watergate-famed reporter, tells a few truths on the questions.

Neil Westgaard, Editor, Denver Business Journal, writes:

“President Obama doesn’t understand the power of the presidency, the news media doesn’t ask enough tough questions of the political candidates and as a result, American voters really don’t know enough about the people running for high public office in the U.S.Read More »

What Is The Role of NGOs In Society?

By Jon Kofas

Courtesy: | 01 September, 2015

In the last three decades,a number of books and articles have been published about
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Some focus on the marginal impact the NGOs
have because they work within an existing institutional framework responsible for
theabsence of social justice. While some works praise the kind of unique services of
NGOs to people in need, others are critical, stressing that NGOs’ goal isintegration
into an international political economy and institutional structurerooted in
inequality and injustice. While it is beyond doubt that there areNGOs serving worthy
humanitarian causes and acting as instruments ofalleviating misery among the poor,
refugees, and others in need, there are manymore such organizations acting as
instruments of globalization, and in some cases aggressive neo-imperialism.Read More »

Together they live in “magical” tiny homes and a WW II veteran’s saga

Two of the “magical” homes. (Photo: Alexander Stross)

A Journal of People report

Housing is always a problem for people living within capitalist system. Beautiful living is a dream of all people. People are always struggling within their capacity to manage the problem in the system. There are forms of struggle. Innovations and mutual cooperation by people are part of the struggle. The following news brings to light one such struggle:Read More »

50 years of eternal youth

Courtesy: Granma | 22 October, 2015

JR Editor, Marina Menéndez, presented Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez with gifts for Fidel (pictured) and Raúl. Photo:Yander Zamora

”In these pages we have proven that journalism can and must be an effective weapon in the battle of ideas to which we are subjected, and which today reaches wider audiences. We are certain thatJuventud Rebelde (JR) will continue to be, as Fidel requested on its founding, a newspaper of quality,” stated Yuniasky Crespo Baquero, first secretary of the National Committee of the Young Communist League (UJC), during the editorial’s 50th anniversary gala, presided by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, a member of the PCC Political Bureau and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers.
As part of the tribute gala, held in the Lázaro Peña Theatre, touching gifts were presented to Fidel – founder of the paper – and Raúl, by JR employees. The acrylic on canvas artworks depict both leaders as young rebels and were presented to Díaz-Canel by JR Editor Marina Menéndez, and the artist himself Lázaro Mi­randa.Read More »

“For Algeria any assistance it may need”

Fidel and Raúl sent tanks, crews and artillerymen in October 1963, to repel the invasion by King Hassan II of Morroco, at the dawn of Algeria’s independence

Courtesy: Granma | 28 October, 2015

Colonel Houari Boumédiène (foreground left), Cuban Ambassador to Algeria, Jorge Serguera, Commander Slimane Hoffman and Gabriel Molina (background with glasses). Photo: Archivo

In the early hours of October 22, 1963, the Aracelio Iglesias merchant ship arrived in Oran, Algeria’s second city, in the northwest of the country, where a column disembarked before being transported by rail in 42 open cars and 12 carriages some 80km to the fort built by the French Foreign Legion in Bedeau, near the town of Ras el Ma.Read More »

Americans Win Right to Challenge Inclusion on Government’s Secret ‘No Fly List’

Courtesy: Common Dreams | 26 October, 2015

An estimated 47,000 people are currently on the government's 'No Fly List,' including 800 U.S. citizens. (Photo: MarkJH/cc/flickr)
An estimated 47,000 people are currently on the government’s ‘No Fly List,’ including 800 U.S. citizens. (Photo: MarkJH/cc/flickr)

A federal court on Monday ruled that a Michigan man can challenge his inclusion on the government’s “No Fly List,” in a move that is being celebrated as a victory for the hundreds of U.S. citizens assigned to that secretive list, as well as the countless Arab-Americans routinely subjected to similar racial profiling.Read More »

‘Mass Struggle Works’: South African Student Uprising Wins Tuition Hike Freeze

Courtesy: Common Dreams | 23 October, 2015

Facing the largest student uprisings since South Africans toppled apartheid, President Jacob Zuma pledged Friday to halt tuition fee increases in the year 2016—prompting declarations of victory, as well as calls to continue the mass mobilizations until free education is won for all.

Read More »