We will not renounce solidarity, the struggle for human dignity and social justice

Courtesy: Granma | 26 September, 2015

The President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz addressed the United Nations summit on sustainable development objectives for the period 2015-2030, this morning, Saturday September 26.

Cuba’s President spoke briefly and forcefully about problems affecting the world today, such as the migration crisis caused by war, and the difficult economic conditions which part of humanity face, reflected in the growing gap between North and South, and the concentration of wealth.Read More »

Rampant Dwindling of Lepchas – the Original Tribes of the Himalayas

by Gautam Kumar Das

Courtesy: Frontier | 18 September, 2015

Men, at sometime, are masters of their fates – Shakespeare

Peaceful Lepchas and their descent community meet difficulties and inconveniences since the intrusion of British into their mother land. Faced with several attacks by the Nepali and Bhutias even earlier than the British era Lepchas laid stress belief in tolerance. ‘Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet (Rousseau)’ are the characteristics and habits of the Lepchas who are the original tribes of the Himalayas. Other community in the mountainous Himalayan region call them Lepchas (means ‘nonsense talks’). But Lepchas of Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas call themselves Rong. They speak, tattle and exchange their opinions among themselves in Rong Ring. The Lepcha people invented their own language i.e. Rong Ring. Lepchas think that they are very lucky people because they have very potential power to develop their own language but no one had had this potential power of inventing language in this large mountainous space of the Himalayan region.Read More »